It's really simple. Every time you buy something via Obaxa, the partner shop pays us a commission for referring you to their website. We give a large portion of this money back to you as 'cashback'.

CASHBACK - How does it work?

All you have to do is log in (or sign up - it is 100% free to join), find the partner shop you want to buy from via the categories and click through, and then shop online with your chosen retailer as you normally would. Or compare prices in our search bar, choose a product and buy it on the retailer’s website. We'll track your purchase and we'll credit your cashback (status OPEN) to your 'cashback' account.

If the product has been paid and the return periods have expired, the retailer pays the commission to Obaxa. Once we receive the commission, the cashback status of your purchase will be changed from OPEN to CONFIRMED.

It's that easy: buy and get money back.

N.B. Cashback may only be paid on the net value of items excluding VAT and all other taxes, such as delivery charges.

Earn more money by referring friends!

Your advantages with Obaxa's network marketing system:

You get 10% from the cashback earned by referred friends (1. level)
You get 5% from the cashback earned by your downline (2. level).
You get 3% from the cashback earned by your downline (3. level).

(without loss of cashback for your downline)

Every referred friend receives a free SILVER MEMBERSHIP upgrade.

Best practice to always get CASHBACK!

First log in to your Obaxa account and then start your shopping tour! (by clicking on the partner´s link)

You can download and activate our Chrome Extension! - Very handy, because with this extension you won’t miss any cashback, even if you forget once to sign in to Obaxa. (provided that the retailer is of course a partner of Obaxa)

Make sure your cart is empty before you start shopping! If you already have items from the shop in your cart before logging in to Obaxa, it may happen that this purchase will not be considered and you won’t get cashback.

How do I receive my CASHBACK payout?

Getting paid is easy and secure!

Once registered, you get on every purchase a cashback which is added to your CASHBACK account. As soon as the balance of your CONFIRMED cashback reaches 25€, you can request a payment by bank transfer. Simply click on the payout button in your cashback details and your confirmed cashback will be paid, at the beginning of each month and without fees, to the bank account entered in your Obaxa account settings.

N.B. Only the CONFIRMED cashback is payable and every purchase made through OBAXA needs to be validated by our partner shops and this may take up to 60-90 days (until the cancellation/return period is over).

Does it cost anything?

No, nothing! We assure you that the registration is 100% free of charge, legitimate and there is absolutely no catch. The Obaxa account is free, not binding and can be cancelled at any time.

More informations needed?

Please have a look at our